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Course Of Studies

Nursery, LKG & UKG Moral Instruction, English, Mathematics
General Science, Arts & Crafts
Std I, II & III Moral Instruction, English, Mathematics
General Science, EVS, Hindi, Marathi, Computer, GK, PT, Arts & Aptitude
Std IV & V Moral Instruction, English, Mathematics
General Science, Social Studies, Hindi, Marathi, Computer, GK, PT, Arts & Aptitude
Std VI, VII & VIII Moral Instruction, English, Mathematics
General Science, Social Studies, Hindi, Marathi, Computer, GK, PT, Arts & Aptitude
Std IX & X Moral Instruction, English, Mathematics
General Science, Social Studies, Hindi, Marathi, Computer, GK, PT, Arts & Aptitude

Uniform Rules

  1. Wearing uniform during school hours is compulsory.
  2. Nails to be trimmed weekly, Boys/girls are not allowed to grow their nails long.
  3. Shirt Buttons should not be kept open and the shirts to be tucked in properly.
  4. Belts to be worn tightly and visibly.
  5. Personal hygiene is to be maintained.
  6. Designs, lines, arts, writings, patching, paintings or pictures on pants or shirts etc. are not allowed.
  7. Students are not allowed to wear gold or any other type of ornaments in the School.
  8. No low waist pants and narrow pants will be permitted on the campus.
  9. Alteration in school uniform will not be allowed.
  10. Using colored contact lens is strictly prohibited.
  11. Tattooing is strictly prohibited.

School Uniform for Boys

Boys Hair:

  • Hair must at all times be neat. This means that it should not bunch at the back of the head or above the ears, but must be shaped and evenly graded.
  • Simple Traditional cut having side partition.
  • Hair must be clear of the collar and may not terminate in a point.
  • Non-Sikh boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals and ensure that it remains combed and tidy.
  • Inappropriately short styles are not acceptable.
  • Sideburns may reach no longer than halfway down the ear. Fashionable or exotic hairstyles or any hairstyles likely to cause comment/distraction are unacceptable within the school premises.
  • No gel or dying of hair is allowed in the school premises.

School Uniform for Girls

Girls Hair:

  • All girls must report in two plaints with center partition ending with Black ribbon with regular uniform and white ribbon with PT uniform and is not allowed to hang loose or down the sided of the face and head.
  • Hair that hangs down to cover the eyes and down the side of the face and head must be tied up or clipped back with hairclips.
  • Fashionable hairstyles or any hairstyle likely to cause comment/distraction are unacceptable within the school premises.
  • No excessive colouring of hair that looks unnatural will be allowed.


There are two terms in a school year:

  • First Term
  • Periodic Test I
  • Term I
  • Second Term
  • Periodic Test II
  • Term II
  • Periodic test for std I-X comprises of 50 marks Theory Paper.
  • Term exam for std I-X comprises of 80 marks Theory Paper and 20 marks Project Work.
  • For Board appearing students of std IX and X, TheoryPaper (80 marks) and Project Work (20 marks).
  • Moral Instruction, General Knowledge, Marathi and PT are graded subjects.


Promotion Rules

  • Promotions are decided by the Promotion Committee.
  • The passing mark in each subject for std I-X is 33.
  • Students failing in English will not be granted promotion.
  • The final exam answer script cannot be shown to the parents. However, in special cases and exceptional circumstances, the students can apply for the re-evaluation of not more than two subjects. For this, parents need to write a letter of request (mention name, class, section, roll no. and subject/subjects for re-evaluation) to the respective Headmasters/ Headmistress.
  • If the Principal feels that some students are failing owing to their inability to cope up with the standards, they may be advices to seek admission elsewhere for the genuine and larger interest.
  • Students failing twice in the same class will have their name struck off from the school attendance register automatically and must discontinue their studies from the school.


  • Students should attend school regularly.
  • Seventy five percent (75%) attendance is necessary for promotion.
  • Any student who has more than 10% absence in a term may be denied permission the write the term examination.

Leaves of absence

  • Leave of absence is granted on a prior return application from parents/guardians but only for a valid reason.
  • All are expected to attend school on the closing and reopening day after each vacations. Strict action will be taken against defaulters.
  • Unexplained absence over a period of a week renders a student liable to have his/her name struck off from the attendance register.
  • Students who have been recently suffering from or exposed to any infectious disease will not be allowed to attend school unless they bring an MBBS doctor’s certificate to state that the period of quarantine is over. The medical certificate should be attached to the note of absence from the parents/guardians.
  • Appointments with doctors, dentist, etc must not be arranged during school hours.
  • In case of absence without leave the student on returning to school must have the reason of absence entered and signed by parent/guardian. On the Leave Record in the school diary. The same should be signed by the Headmaster before he/she is allowed into the class.
  • In case the student is absent for 1 or 2 days, the reason of absence must be mentioned and signed by parent/guardians on the leave record in the school diary. The same should be signed by the Class Teacher during the class attendance.
  • An application is MANDATORY for absence of 3 days and above.

Suspension and Expulsion

A student who gets into serious trouble at school can be suspended for a fixed period of time. School can suspend a student if he/she has seriously broken school rules. A formal notification will be issued to the parents/guardian of the action taken by the school board. Expulsion will be the last resort if the student does not improve his/her behaviour through other means. Decision of the school board will be final.

Students may be subject to suspension or expulsion for committing any of the wrong doings listed below:

  • use of abusive or foul language to others
  • use and illegal selling of drugs, tobacco and its products
  • use of any type of arms or explosives
  • use of inappropriate behaviour like bullying, eve-teasing, disrespectfully behaviour to others.
  • attempt to commit theft or extortion
  • attempt to cause to damage to school property
  • commit an obscene act or engage in habitual profanity or vulgarity
  • Disruptive behaviour which interferes or threatens to interfere with any of the school normal operation or activities
  • Sending abusive or threatening emails, texts/voicemails/phone messages or other written communications(including social media)
  • Defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments regarding the school on face book or other social media sites.
  • use of physical aggression on others
  • chastising schoolmates intentionally

Extra-curricular activities

The school pays a lot of emphasis and importance to physical education and extra-curricular activities. These cultural activities help to broaden the horizons and expose levels of understanding and hence are mandatory requisite for the student’s education and upbringing.

It is always good for all students to participate in the following activities of the school:

  1. Yoga Day Handwriting Competition
  2. Independence Day Drawing Competition
  3. Founder’s Day Poetry & Recitation Competition
  4. Teacher’s Day Speech Competition
  5. Hindi Bhasha Day Temperance Contest
  6. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  7. Children’s Day
  8. Sports Day
  9. Annual Day
  10. Science Exhibition
  11. Republic Day
  12. Handwriting Competition
  13. Drawing Competition
  14. Poetry & Recitation Competition
  15. Speech Competition

Class and Home Assignments

  • Students must submit their work and projects for correction on the assigned date.
  • On the first page on every note book students will maintain an index of exercises done in the course of the year.
  • Every exercise must be dated.
  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the school by encouraging their children to be diligent and honest in doing their daily work.
  • Parents should regularly follow up on work done in school.